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Logo Design Is The Face Of Your Business

Whether you are a brand new startup or a multi-generational business, today’s consumers are more keenly aware of appearances more than ever before. If your current logo doesn’t match or exceed that of your competitors, it hurts your brand.

Study after study confirms what we see firsthand every day. Customers form an opinion of your business or organization within seconds of seeing your logo. Do you have an amateur, homemade looking or dated logo? Double Vision Media Group creates powerful and memorable brands that captures the very essence of the values, tone, goals, and culture which set you apart from your competition.

Think A New Logo Is Too Expensive?

“I can’t believe I didn’t do this years ago!” is the most common responses we hear after unveiling a new logo design for a client. Many customers come to us after unsuccessfully trying a few of the “econo-logo” web companies that crank out clip art logos which have been recycled from those done for hundreds of other people. Our award-winning logo design team is incredibly good at what they do and are able to efficiently work with a client and create a stunning logo, usually for the same price you would expect to pay for a mass-produced online product. When we create a logo, it’s awesome, its professional, and it’s uniquely yours.

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