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We build sites that get found in search and fix those that don’t.

Understanding web traffic really isn’t rocket science. The higher in the search results that you appear, the more business you get. The farther down you appear, the more business goes to your competition. Don’t show up on the first page and you go out of business – seriously. Go ahead and try it – think about what people might type into a search engine to find you. How did you do?

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Effective organic SEO isn’t hocus pocus.

SEO is so important in today’s marketplace that companies are coming out of the woodwork soliciting magic SEO results, if you just give them a credit card number. We know, we get the same e-mails all the time and just shake our heads. Ranking well on the big search engines isn’t magic, it is a result of a thorough understanding of how they work and knowing how to structure and tune a site to make it most relevant to the targeted search terms.

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Successful SEOs stay ahead of the curve.

Search engine technology is advancing faster than any other market segment, with algorithm updates being constantly unveiled. Improperly coded and structured sites disappear from search engine results now more than ever. As Google, Bing and Yahoo get better at filtering junk or irrelevant results, the tricks played by amateur SEOs are causing millions of sites to completely vanish from search engines every time a new update is released.

Double Vision Media Group is committed to non-stop education and training of our SEO team, making them one of the most skilled and advanced in the nation. Our strategists spend time each and every day staying abreast of the marketplace and advances in the technology being utilized by search engines. We know what we are doing and  know how to get you results.

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